Creation of a baggage transportation service for air travellers

BAGGILIGHT reinvents the concept of travelling and takes care of your bags for you!

01. The Concept

BAGGILIGHT is a baggage transportation service, made for air travellers with standard or specific bags. No more clutter, waste of time or energy when travelling. Let your airline take care of you, whilst we securely take care of your baggage, using permanent tracking during its transportation.
Your baggage arrives at your selected destination before you do!

02. Visual Identity

BAGGILIGHT proposing a service of lightness, it was essential to present an airy, uncluttered design. As the company offers an innovative service and therefore unknown to users, the orange color connotes joy, security and optimism. The shade of pink present in the orange refers to happiness. The strong presence of the white makes it possible to refer to the clouds and thus to remain in a spirit air and lightness. The gray color allows to represent the calm and sweetness that will know users enjoying the service of BAGGILIGHT. The typography used also represents this spirit of lightness.

The Colors

Some Sketches

03. The Result

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