Propositon of UI and UX redesign of Chloé brand's website

Chloé is a French fashion house founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion. The brand is known for its flexible models with light materials.

01. The brief

The work that I present here is that of the redesign of the website of the Chloé brand. The demand was to modernize the user interface, but especially to optimize the user experience by proposing, why not, something innovative. For this work, it was first necessary to carry out an audit of the existing site and make a benchmark of the competition to get the best and bad practices in order to know what to propose to Chloe's customers.

02. Visual Identity

As Chloé offers quality products, for a high-end clientele, it seemed interesting to put these products forward through larger photos. Also, the brand enjoys a large community on social networks, including Instagram, it is obvious that it should be put forward. This community is highlighted by posting a stream of Instagram posts. Of course, Chloe being a brand with a strong image, it was out of the question to change the colors. It was therefore necessary to respect the graphic charter of the brand for the website's redesign.

The Colors

Two Personas

Some Wireframes

03. The Result

Feel free to scroll on the sketch below

Oups !

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