Creation of a mobile sports betting application

With JUSTWIN, your only risk is to win!

01. The Concept

JUSTWIN is an advertising-based sports betting application. Do not waste money betting on your favorite player or team. You indicate your prognosis, you visualize advertisements related to your sport or your centers of interests and if the bet is winning, you gain money, without having spent a dime.
Your only risk is to win!

02. Visual Identity

JUSTWIN proposing to make sports bets, dangerous when it comes to investing money, I sought to bring out a more positive image by breaking down the barriers of danger. For that, the blue, a color closely related to the dream, the wisdom and the serenity is quite appropriate. Being a community application, on which everyone can play and challenge his friends, the yellow allows to highlight this point. Yellow also symbolizes joy and celebration, which users can feel when they win a bet. Like any game of chance, with sports bets, it is possible to win but also lose. Green symbolizes both characteristics at once. Symbol of hope and luck, but also of failure and misfortune, green is used with partimony. Finally, as JUSTWIN allows to conduct sports bets without risks, without danger, the white is predominant to bring out a sense of innocence very important for the user in this kind of situation.

The Colors

Some Sketches

03. The Result

Oups !

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